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King Bedroom Furniture Sets Buying Guide

Buying the king bedroom furniture sets sounds like a lot of money to spend not only because of the king-sized furniture for the bedroom but also other pieces that come in a set. Nevertheless, it is a good choice for some reasons. People just have to make sure that they do this purchase right.

For Couples

People might have a question about the reason why they have to pay a lot of money for buying a king bedroom furniture set. Well, they have to consider the king-sized furniture aspect first. A king-size bed will be an ideal option for couples after all. Married couples will find it perfect compared to the queen-size bed that can be used by two persons. By choosing a king-size bed, they will be grateful for the ample space available. It is also wider compared to the queen size bed. More sleeping space can be great for a better sleeping experience for couples. There is no need to worry that the spouse will be disturbed when sleeping because there is enough space for each on the king-size bed.

Extra Comfort

The king-size bed must be the focal point of the king bedroom furniture set. This choice can be beneficial for couples because they can find extra comfort when sleeping on the king-size bed than the queen-size one. The broader size of the bed allows them to stretch their legs and arms better without worrying that the other person will get the inconvenience due to this spontaneous action. Comfort must be the feature that people can always find from a king-size bed. They surely do not want to miss the chance to enjoy the comfort for a long time as a couple.

For a Large Bedroom

People can consider that they are lucky to have a bedroom with large size. If they have a huge bedroom, there is no better compliment for this room but the king-size bed. By adding a king-size bed, they simply add the grandeur and royalty element into the bedroom. It is a perfect way to enhance a bedroom with a large size. People cannot sacrifice the benefits of a large-sized bedroom by choosing a bed with a smaller size. The bedroom will not look great because there will be too many unused spaces that can ruin the balance in the bedroom.

Bedroom Basics

The king-size bed that is located in the large bedroom can be combined with many other types of furniture to enhance the comfort and function in this space. Nevertheless, they can be overwhelmed easily by the process of looking for the best furniture items that can fit in the bedroom. To simplify the process and avoid problems, buying the king bedroom furniture sets must be the best solution for them.

Although people can keep a full spirit to choose the furniture set for their bedroom, it is necessary to understand the basics of the bedroom decoration. It is important to have this understanding for helping people find the right size and type of furniture for their bedroom easier. They must not forget the very first essential thing to do before they select any bedroom furniture. They have to understand their bedroom dimension. It is useful for them making a scale diagram about the furniture placement plan.

Next, they must not forget to take a note about the number of doors and windows in their bedroom. This step is essential for making sure that it will be easier to determine the available wall space in the bedroom. Do not forget to pay attention to the existing storage space not only in the bedroom but also in the hallway closet and the bathroom. With a good understanding of these aspects, people can take a further step to consider the selection criteria of the king bedroom furniture sets.


Well, taking a king bedroom furniture set can indeed simplify the job to decorate the bedroom especially if the bedroom has a large space. However, people have to keep in mind that the most important thing about bedroom decoration is the proportion. They have to make sure that the furniture for their bedroom is in the right proportion by considering the bedroom size. Although having a king-size bed sounds great, it is not a good choice if they have a small-sized bedroom moreover if they make the wrong choice with other furniture items for the bedroom. Nevertheless, it does not mean that a small bedroom cannot have a king-size bed.

The proportion can be a challenging task. People usually have an assumption that it is not okay to place large furniture in a small bedroom but it is okay to have some larger accessories. This can be applied when they are looking for the best king bedroom furniture set. When people have a small bedroom, for instance, they can consider placing a taller dresser to avoid the cramped-feel in the small space. It is essential to use the bedroom measurement to determine the available wall space so they can choose the king bedroom furniture sets that can give a good proportion blend to get the balance in the bedroom.

Storage Needs

Once people can determine the existing storage space in the bedroom area, they might find that they lack closet and storage space. They should get the king bedroom furniture set that offers plenty of storage space. More shelves and drawers will be perfect for dealing with the need for extra storage space in the bedroom. When looking for the set, they can consider a storage bed and nightstand with more drawers. The furniture must be arranged correctly as well.

Easy Matching

The biggest benefit that people can get from the king bedroom furniture sets is that they do not have to worry about matching every furniture item. All items in the set are automatically coordinated. However, to avoid too matching look, they can introduce some aesthetic elements to get cohesion in the bedroom.

Best King Bedroom Furniture Set Editor Choice

Seaside Lodge White King Bed, Night Stand, and Chest by Home Styles

Rustic aged look of weathered wood combined with signature “X” frame pattern provides a warm inviting cottage feel. Wire brushed wainscot inset mahogany veneer panels, with wire brushed solid mahogany frames, provide a unique weather look, and then combined with a hand rubbed white painted finish, provides a completely aged look, with no 2 pieces being the same. King bed includes; headboard, footboard, side rails, and slats.

Chest features Two 3 ¼” deep upper drawers with the top drawer featuring a felt line bottom, and two lower 6 ¼” drawers for deep storage. Night Stand features a single 3 ¼” deep drawer, with lower open storage area. Industrial designed drawer pull in antiqued nickel finish. Note finish and measurements may vary slightly. Assembly required, King Bed: W-83”, D-89”, H-50”, Chest: W-39”, D-19”, H-36”, Night Stand: W-22”, D-17”, H-26”

Sandy Wilson Home A1-V037-4-S52180 Vertical Tufted Headboard Platform Bed Set, King, Cloud White

Sandy Wilson designs bring classic style and luxury to the home. We offer a unique versatility in design and make use of a variety of trend inspired color palettes and textures. Our wood frames are made from kiln dried Birchwood which provides exceptional support and stability. These unique designs accented with metal legs brings class and lounging comfort to any room in the home.

Jennifer Taylor Home Marcella Tufted Wingback Bed, King, Arctic Blue

The Marcella collection by Jennifer Taylor Home is the perfect addition to any bedroom looking to add a bit of a modern flair. The fabric selected for the collection features a polyester blend engineered for a long life. Our wood frames are made from kiln dried birch wood which provides exceptional support and stability. This wingback headboard bed is accented with hand tufting and hand applied nail head trims along the edges of the headboard, wings’ silhouette, and footboard. The Marcella is an ideal choice for the guestroom or your master suite. This bed set brings class and style to any bedroom in the home. We offer a unique versatility in design and make use of a variety of trend inspired color palettes and textures. Our products bring new life to the classic American home.

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